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Tip for living

If you have a plan to live in Cha-Am for a prolonged period, here is a guide to help you move and successfully live in the Land of Smiles.

We, PS Thai Property Co., Ltd., have developed many kind of house such as single houses with swimming pool and garden or luxury modern-thai townhome available for you in the prime area of Cha-am

As we are the owner of many projects in Cha-Am, you can ask around about our credibility from previous customer, including customer from Sport Village, Tropicana, Thai Paradise South and Thai Paradise North before contact us.

Land ownership restrictions for foreigners in Thailand make the process complicated, but there are several well proven ways for a foreigner to secure their investment.

Our full experiences in the past which include Thai paradise North, Thai paradise South, Sport village and Tropicana project has given us extensive knowledge of the local area and Thai laws. Therefore, we can provide you with the valid information, advice to making a wise investment and help you select the best way to hold land tenure rights.

Our company provides comprehensive services ranging from pre-sales, between sales and after sales service. We also offer a full service package for your property when you are not using it. We are able to manage and maintain the area where your property is located.

If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us. Everything about properties that you need to know or still confused, we will find the answer for you.