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About us  

   If you are looking for a house or land for investment, business, residence or retirement, “look no more” Cha-am and its surrounding area is the place for you.

   Land ownership restrictions for foreigners in Thailand make the process complicated, but there are several well proven ways for a foreigner to secure their investment. Our full experiences in the past which include Thai paradise North, Thai paradise South, Sport village and Tropicana project has given us extensive knowledge of the local area and Thai laws. We can provide you with the valid information, advice to making a wise investment and help you select the best way to hold land tenure rights.

   PS Thai Property offers a complete range of services with the best possible real estate solutions. Knowing our community and the real estate market helps us provide you with knowledgeable and creative solutions to all your needs. We will assist you in finding the right property, land, negotiations, signing contracts, obtaining legal advice, property management services, finding a school and any necessary information to making your life easier and comfortable. (Please see the list below for more detailed services)

Comprehensive services to include:
  1. Estate Agent (House & Land for sell)
  2. Land registry service
  3. Legal service (Leasing contact, Company formation, Marriage documents and etc.)
  4. Motorbike and car for rent
  5. Construction and renovation
    • Home (Including all electric and water)
    • Kitchen fittings
    • Air conditioning
  6. Rentals (Houses, Service apartments)
    • Yearly
    • Monthly
  7. Property management
    • Maid services